Wild. Fresh. Healthy.

Salmon is one of nature’s perfect foods. It's a pure, natural source of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, high in protein and low in calories.

Smoked Salmon: Hot vs. Cold

What our customers say:

  • 5
    I love this smoked salmon it's the best I've ever had!
    Linell W.
  • 5
    Best smoked salmon around!! Try the salmon spread and candied salmon! Yum!!
    Sarah C.
  • 5
    This is really as good as it gets!  The smoked salmon from C&H is amazing.  It's wild, fresh, moist and absolutely delicious.
    Jay W.
  • 5
    How can I get some shipped to me in Alaska? I really like to try the Maple habanero. I love your candy salmon.. my favorite.  After I moved I can't find anything like that here.
    Danny S.
  • 5
    OMG what the fukc did you people do to this fish?! I just devoured 5g of the Maple Habenro salmon, how do I get it by the pound?
    Kambiz T.